Thursday, June 24, 2010

One of the best flash cartoons ever made.

Power to the internet.
It is the place where true comedy thrives, unaltered by the corporates. Such comedy can come from the most unlikely of people: a fifteen year old named Nicholas Walstrom. As little as ten years ago, Nicholas was on his way to becoming an avid filmmaker.

Upon turning fifteen, Nicholas resigned from the world of edutainment and created an independent short about human nature and corrupt business franchises.

If this was made with studio involvement, even as a short preceding a movie or something, it would be horribly mismarketed. I can imagine a poster for it with Charles shouting "McDarnIt!" at his doctor.

The character of Charles is your typical optimist. Typical being the one that you swear is bat fuck insane. He's always happy all the time, even in the most ridiculously dangerous of circumstances. Charles sees nothing in his burger that can be even remotely upsetting. He's nothing but positive about the feces, the dead animals, and the poison.

Everyone will meet someone like this in the course of their lifetime.

One can only pray NaveryW will continue animating, even with his reluctance to continue this particular piece. With more NaveryWs, the world would be a brighter place with less rape and genocide.

Don't forget to spam Walstrom with requests to do more cartoons! And a happy McDarnolds week to all!